Dhaka’s Most Expensive Ice Cream at Hotel Sarina Dhaka

Press Release: Dhaka is the city of hospitality where Banani & Gulshan is the heart of it right now. Being a hub of business and culture. This area became the home of hospitality brands over decades. On the 17th of July back in 2003, Hotel Sarina Dhaka had laid the groundwork for being the first 5-star standard hotel and for the past 19 years it has held its pride with the motto “Experience the Extraordinary”. Hotel Sarina has a vision for their guests to encounter remarkable hospitality throughout their stay. In this frantic modern world, Hotel Sarina tends to keep the classic touch of hospitality alive.

To honour 19years of Hotel Sarina Dhaka, we have called in for a celebration. A day to solely focus on the fantastic journey of Dhaka’s one of the finest hotels. Here in Sarina, we thrive to offer a perfect blend of traditional local cuisine along with creative contemporary touch. So, today we brought you something which is simple but very popular, with a different perspective and super value added – Guess what! – Ice cream. We all have tried sorbet, gelato, kulfi, frozen yoghurt, etc in the city however, our offering is really different; it is 24 carats golden ice cream. We all have seen GOLD as jewellery. It is said that This Noble metal has nutritional value too; it is a source of magnesium, calcium, a few vitamins, zinc, copper, and selenium. above all it is GOLD. Our creations are all the best ice creams that DHAKA has to offer. It is easy to think of putting expensive ingredients together and calling them expensive but to really make something outrageous, from the visual appearance to taste, everything should be a class apart. starting from the crystal goblet, lined up with gold leaf, ice cream infused with edible gold to the syrups, we focussed on every detail to call it classy. What else could go with our prestigious IMPERIAL SUITE!
With a unique approach, we have prepared to sell the extravagant Gold Ice cream with a whopping price of 99,999 taka and along with it a night stay at our elegant Imperial Suite with breakfast in bed. You can enjoy the exquisite taste of our chef special ice cream with the gold perfectly incorporated into it giving you the royalty vibe. Surely an experience of a lifetime you wouldn’t want to miss!
Sarina believes that without the support of the incredible staff over the years they wouldn’t be standing this firm. So, to show the immense gratitude to the employees, this year Hotel Sarina is hosting a get together where 19 hardworking staff will be presented with promotion. For a change all Head of Departments will be serving food to their employees and will spend an amazing time together rejoicing in the pride of Hotel Sarina Dhaka.

As the years went by, Hotel Sarina has always stood by the duties towards the community. This year too, Hotel Sarina has planned for 19 CSR programs to help and contribute to the society. Be it in-premise cleaning, feeding the poor, distributing clothes and amenities to the poor, Sarina wants to do as much as possible.
Being the pioneer in hospitality, Hotel Sarina Dhaka set a benchmark which nobody had done before in Banani Gulshan area. In the last 19 years we have kept our standards high with virtuous service and hospitality.

Dhaka’s Most Expensive Ice Cream

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In this 19th year anniversary we all from Hotel Sarina Dhaka welcome you to experience our hospitality awaiting for you.